Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stampede Queen - The Live experience!

I am going to keep this review short and sweet, as I I don't really have any criticism for this band.
Finally, a band that knows how to put on a show! Stampede Queen may look and sound like an 80's hair band, complete with head bands, tight jeans, and eye make-up, but they know how to perform on a 21st century stage. I loved it.
The music itself is not radically impressive, but it was tight and very well written. With amazing melodies streaming from the guitars and musical queues taken from 80's greats like Kiss and Motley Crue all put together with a 21st century twist these guys are definitely stage worthy.
Stampede Queen, is what I would call a real Rock & Roll band. They produce fun, up-tempo music that had me moving, and the crowd dancing the whole time.
With amazing talent pouring from every point of this band there is no wonder that the crowd seemed to immediately fall in love. Even as the whole band chimed in the vocals stayed in tune, this is a very rare occurrence and definitely noticed and appreciated. For me, it was the vintage guitar fills, amazingly executed solo's and perfect timing that got me hooked. Stampede Queen creates full music, there were absolutely no holes and I can't think of a single thing that was missing.
Considering how today's rock music has been taking a slightly more 80's twist lately, these guys have picked the perfect time to emerge and make their mark on the music industry. With 21st century bass lines, they keep it fresh and not simply a throwback to the aging Rock Gods.

Watching these guys perform was definitely a treat, considering that every member of the band gave it their all and actually knew how to give a great performance. With the bassist giving a whole new meaning to gettin low, as he practically dragged his bass on the stage floor bending at the knees in ways I though would be impossible, I was locked in and ready for more. When the lead singer takes a break from his vocal demonstration and shreds out some sweetness on the guitar, the crowd went nuts and I must admit, so did I. These guys gave an old school stadium concert feel where I half expected to look around the room and see boobs being flashed, panties thrown on stage, and groupies in leopard print waiting for their backstage romancin. They may have said that it felt like a simple band practice due to the smaller crowd, but this was definitely a full blown musical spectacle. Although when our "Reverend" front man came out with the bible emblazoned with the band logo, that was a little overkill, but still entertaining.
The only thing I found a little disappointing was the constant talk of gettin loaded and high and so on. Now, this could be because I am two months sober, but I found that it just sort of degrades the band and the crowd when you resort to those types of methods of hyping up a crowd.
Once again, it's time for my final opinion. If you see that Stampede Queen is playing anywhere, make the effort to get your butt out there and see them. They put on an amazing, must-watch, show and the music is perfect. These guys are, tight, talented, and know how to rock a crowd. With seamless drumming, vintage guitar melodies, new school bass lines, and 80's style lyrics, these guys have my vote for a must-see band.
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