Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Contra Band - Banned from calling their noise Music.

So, normally I enjoy the heavy fast paced sound of a hardcore punk rock band, but what these guys put out there is simply garbage. All it is, is loud messy noise.
They started their set off with a song perfectly titled "We the Weak". It had a great intro, with the drummer digging deep into the toms, but the excitement came to dead stop after that. The music itself didn't make sense, it sounded like each individual player was doing a different song. Timing, which is so important in music, especially the heavier, faster stuff, was non-existant. I honestly felt like I was watching and listening to a few 15 year olds at their first garage band practice. Their was a moment of quick picking display from what I assume was the lead guitar, but other than that and the half decent intro, this song was just weak crap.
After yet another horrible attempt at hardcore punk rock, that actually sounded more like a ten car pile up on stage, the crowd demanded a cover tune. Probably in hopes that it would be better than the mash up of instuments and failed vocals that they were being exposed to. Unfortunately a cover of "Infected with aids" as an attempt to shock us into ignoring their lack of talent, just wouldn't work on me. It did ammuse a few select members of the crowd, but honestly, I could probably ammuse them just as easily by playing peek-a-boo.
I normally don't enjoy being so harsh, but these guys were so messy that I hope this spanking of a review will beat them back to reality. You can't just play intruments fast and loud and call it music, I swear these guys listened to a Misfits album and said "hey, lets grab some guitars and drums and do this, we don't need talent!" So very dissapointing, considering I actually like the Misfits.
Here is a little bit of a shining light for these guys, well the musicians at least. If you take out the overbearing untalented front man, and peice a part the band, their is some actual talent there. These guys can play their instruments, you have to strain your ears to listen, but it is there. Perhaps the problem is too many men fighting for their ideas to be heard, when that happens you end up with Contra Band. For a band to create music, you have to come together and create harmonies, melodies, backbone drum beats, and subtly intense bass lines. Plus you can't have a front man that uses ridiculous displays and a rebel personality to distract from the fact the is completely talentless. It does take talent to scream in music, and not everyone can do it, as I was so rudely forced to realize last night. You can't just have everyone write their own song and throw it together with a loud abnoxoious lead singer in the hopes that no one will notice, because trust me, I will be there, I will notice, and I will make sure that everyone else knows.
In their last song, there were a few short moments of musical clarity, I must admit. The timing finally seemed to kick in, and the music flowed from the stage without incident. But then the lead singer got back on stage and that moment was over.
So here's my final opinion on Contra Band, and as you may have guessed, it's not a good one. Do not waste your time and money on these guys. They need a serious reality check, and to go back and hit up the ole drawing board and actually work together as a band. Definitely ditch the front man, and actually make music. I feel cheated after watching these guys make a mockery of something I love, and that is music.

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