Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ninjaspy - A cult classic in the making!

So, it looks like I have a new favourite band. They have a truly original edgy sound with hard hitting fast paced drumming and an island beat backing. They are Ninjaspy. This hardcore funk rock band has done the impossible and truly impressed me. Unafraid to be different in an industry packed full of unoriginal pop rock these guys developed a sound comparable to 90's great Sublime and added a new age punk rock twist. I highly doubt that they will become radio rock stars, but I believe that they will be the next cult classic of underground alternative punk.
Now, on to the music.
"Evolution of the skid" or as I like to call it, "The evolution of punk", is an amazing song. It's original lyrics and catchy tune set it up to be one of the greats. With a funky back beat, new style vocals, and even a trumpet thrown in the mix, this song takes the punk rock cake.
Okay, so the next song is hard to understand but the sound is so amazing that you can't help but keep listening. "Defecating on what's left of our child" keeps the originality coming. The first couple of bars sound like a typical punk song, but then in comes the island style guitar and you don't know whether to dance or break shit, I love it.
Next, we have "Hit by a cement mixer", which starts out sounding like an unoriginal take on a Staind song, but quickly goes into that funky hardcore mix between Sublime and System of a Down. Parts of this song even showcase the fact that the singer can actually sing in between all of the screaming. I take this song as being their version of the classic power ballad but with hardcore twist. Another amazingly well written song, that takes the unmistakable talent of the entire band and forces you to pay attention.
"Circle Pity" would be the radio friendly song if they had one. With more melodic and understandable singing, and just a taste of the traditional punk screaming thrown in. If this song was found on the radio, I may actually start tuning in. The drummers timing in this song is incredible as he goes from the quick footed double kick and fast paced beats on the toms transitioning down into the slower rhythms of the song.
The last song I am going to talk about is "Out of tampons". If you can get past the disturbing lyrics and primitive chanting this is a great song. With reference to the shameful rape of our earth/mother nature this song is definitely more along the lines of an eye-opening political statement. If this song was written for mother earth than it certainly does her justice, the music is so well written and executed. It's not very often that find a band that knows how to put it all together, how to take an eclectic sound and make it flow so perfectly. The song starts with a sweet guitar intro which falls into the background as the drums take the forefront for most of the song. The guitarist continues to play more subtly holding the music together as a drummer normally would. I love this position switch and it works perfectly for the song.
Now for my overall opinion. I freakin love this band! They are original, talented, and actually know how to write music! If you are looking for a break from today's normalcy and over rated "hard rock" bands, then check these guys out and prepare to have your mind blown.

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