Saturday, March 21, 2009

Music Review - Krome (Vancouver B.C.)

So, I checked out a pretty wicked band tonight. If you like 80's rock that'll get your head bangin and your fists pumpin I would highly reccomend checkin out Krome. This high energy band had the crowd moving within seconds of the first chord being struck. They started the night out with a song that mimicked the catchy fast paced tune of a classic 80's rock anthem. "Turn it up" was definitely an excellent choice to catch the crowds attention and hold their eardrums hostage. Unfortunately, the only thing memorable about the next song "Out of my way" was the flamboyant onstage antics of the lead singer. Although being the metal fan that I am I did appreciate the excellent scream at the end. During "Roll with me" I finally started to get stolked as what I assumed would be an earth shattering guitar solo began. I assumed this because of the 80's sound and style of the band, unfortunately we all know what you get when you assume things. The guitar solo was not bad, don't get me wrong, but it seemed to end before it began. For a band that could easily be mistaken for KISS or Motley Crue I would expect a lengthier display of shredding prowess. Lucky for me the next song "Bring the house down" completely redeamed the lackluster performance it followed. It starts out with an amazing jungle beat from the quick footed drummer Scott Aquinos and then goes into a shocking punk style rythm that definitely blew me away. I was absolutely amazed to hear an original sound come out of these guys. It was a mix of dirty punk and old school undertones that I have honestly never heard before, and it was wicked! The double kick on the drums drew me in and the originality held my interest, I would put this song on my i-Pod in a second!
I have to say, the drummer Scott seems to carry this band to new heights. In listening to their music prior to his maniacal drumming skills I have to admit that I was less than impressed. But add in the insane talent of this prodigal drummer and this band becomes a force to be wreckoned with. I mean, come on, how many drummer do you know that can a break a stick mid-song and not miss a beat?
Okay, enough ego stroking, back to the set list.
Once the song "Let's go all the way" started up I felt a familiar feeling come over me. Then it struck me, the half dressed barely legal girls shakin their "stuff" on the dance floor, this song has all the dirty feel of a slutty theme song. I'd put it int he same category with "Save a horse Ride a cowboy" and "Pour some sugar on me". Now, just to set the record straight, I don't see this as a bad thing, the world needs more songs that entice young girls and cougars to come together for a common purpose; to entice young men to pour more alcohal down their already well lubricated throats.
Alright, so next up we have "Misunderstood", the classic 80's hair band ballad. This would be your typical radio friendly single, probably to be released after the first couple of slightly "harder" tunes have run the gauntlet. I actually enjoyed this song and was tempted to pull out my lighter and sway with the slow rythm of the crowd. The first half of the song builds an incredible feeling of suspense then, in the second half, exploads into a chorus line of hard drum beats and melodic guitar rifts.
Over the next few songs we hear some contradicting lyrics, like disliking the songs on the radio, strange coming from a radio friendly rock band.....hmmm...oh right, I almost forgot, it's cool to hate the radio.... We also hear more of the not so subtle punk undertones that I love so much and a couple more impressively short guitar solos.
My favourite moment of this show was the ear shattering, mind altering drum solo. I consider it my extreme good fortune to have been able to witness such an awesome display of impossible talent. Good job Scott, I am thouroughly impressed and satisfied.
Overall this is a really talented band with some good songs and a pretty amazing stage show. It's not very often that you find a lead singer like Shaun Meehan who has the vocal chops of an 80's hair band front man. I would definitely make a point to see them again. Because even though there were some things that made me want to give my head a shake, they had my body moving through the entire set, and to me, that is what is important. I have never before seen such a diverse crowd so completely engaged by a local band, these guys gave it all and received the undivided attention of a crowd ripe with alcohal induced A.D.D. That is a powerfull thing my friends.
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